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yamê reis

Executive director of Moda Verde and idealizer of Rio Ethical Fashion 

Yamê Reis.png

Currently serving as coordinator of Fashion Design at IED-Rio, Yamê Reis is a
fashion executive that has developed a career in leading projects with a strong impact on the Brazilian market, enhancing creative capacities and generating new business in companies such as Cantão, Totem and Le Lis Blanc.
In 2017, she founded Moda Verde, a company that works with education, creative direction and special projects for sustainable fashion. Its main objective is to collaborate with companies that wish to contribute positively to the development of socially responsible fashion with low environmental impact.
A sociologist and founder of the Green Party in the 1980s, Yamê worked on pioneering projects such as Amazon Life (1993), produced and showed the first collection made with hemp fabrics for her brand Yamê Reis (1994), and launched in Fashion Rio the first organic jeans in Brazil via a partnership between Cantão and the NOW (Natural Organic World) label (2007).

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