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Patrick mcdowell


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 Patrick McDowell is a London based designer captivating the fashion industry. After studying at Central Saint Martins Patrick has gone on to reinvent the role of a fashion designer as we know it today. Proving that it is not only a designers’ responsibility to create beautiful clothing but also redesign the systems they sit within. Hosting London Fashion Week’s first ever Swap Shop, collaborating with global brands to promote sustainability and creating collections completely digitally Patrick’s creativity knows no bounds.

McDowell works with a collection of brand partners annually, offering circular solutions that centre systemic change and education. Offering those brands and their teams the tools they need to create meaningful lasting change through ‘Reimagine’ collections that save and monetise dead stock fabrics and clothing.

Sustainability is at the core of Patrick’s practice, as he strives to reinvent luxury through a sustainable mindset. Crafted from reclaimed fabrics, and ethically produced materials from the likes of Burberry and Swarovski, his pieces are designed and made with a low carbon footprint in mind. He is a strong advocate for reducing fashion’s global impact through designing with moral practice.

Anna Wintour nominated Patrick for the Stella McCartney Today for Tomorrow Award in November 2019.

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