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Fashion Editor, TV host, author and curator.


Lilian Pacce is a Fashion Editor, TV host, author and curator. 

She’s been a TV host and editor in chief of GNT Fashion, a fashion weekly show displayed at GNT Channel for 18 years (2000-2018). She is publisher of her own website (, fashion and beauty platform. Lilian also acts as adjunct fashion curator at the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo (MASP).

Lilian has been covering the international fashion weeks since 1987. She was Fashion Editor at Folha de São Paulo, Jornal da Tarde and O Estado de São Paulo newspapers. According to Business of Fashion website, Lilian Pacce is figured as one of the 500 world's most important fashion professionals and has won five awards for best Fashion Journalist in Brazil.

She is the author of the following books: 

The Bikini Made in Brasil (ed. Arteensaio, Portuguese and English version) 

Pelo Mundo da Moda – Criadores, Grifes e Modelos (ed. Senac)

Ecobags – Moda e Meio Ambiente (ed. Senac) 

Herchcovitch; Alexandre (ed. Cosac & Naify) 

Dicionário Adesivo para brincar, colar e pintar (ed. Ática) 

She has curated the following exhibitions: 

- “Yes! Nós Temos Biquíni” at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro (2017)

- “Vintage Couture” for the Childhood Foundation at Iguatemi Mall, São Paulo (2009)

- “Ecobags - Eu Não Sou de Plástico” at Bienal São Paulo and over 12 Brazilian cities (2007)

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