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REF Co- founder

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Bia Saldanha, is an economist, from Rio de Janeiro and lives in the State of Acre, in the Brazilian Amazon. Since 1991, she has worked in the Amazon in the development of sustainable alternatives for the peoples of the forest and was a pioneer in the implementation of the fair trade model in Brazil. Between 2007 and 2020, she collaborated with the French company Veja Fair Trade, responsible for the productive arrangement of the native rubber used in the production of the brand's shoe soles. She was part of the founding group of the Green Party in Brazil and the environmentalist / feminist group Bando de Mulheres. In 1991, she founded EcoMercado, in Rio de Janeiro, the first store specialized in ecological products in Brazil and there he created vegetable leather / Treetap Amazon Wild Rubber®, an innovative raw material based on natural latex, extracted from the native forests of Acre and Amazonas. How to win several national and international awards, among them the UNDP Equator Initiative Award, at Rio + 10, in 2002, in Johannesburg. The story of her life is told by journalist Guilherme Fiúza, (same author of the bestsellers “Meu Nome não é Johnny” and “Giane”) in the book “Amazônia 20º Andar”.

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