Patricia Lima, founder of Simple Organic, a beauty brand that is 100% vegan (certified by PETA), organic, natural, genderless, cruelty-free and activist. After many years working in the fashion market, Patricia searched for a new path linked to sustainability, and innovated by taking natural beauty to the fashion world in Brazil: Simple Organic was the first organic and vegan brand to be showcased at São Paulo Fashion Week. With the purpose of impacting the world in a positive way for the next generations, the brand has the mission of democratizing natural beauty through cosmetics that promote the health of people and the planet. Thanks to Patricia, Simple Organic was the first brand to eliminate boxes as secondary packaging, in order to reduce waste. She replaced cartons with sustainable tissue packages. With only two years of existence, Simple Organic has already neutralized 100% of the impact generated by the packaging sold in 2017. At the opening of the brand's stores, (there are fifteen in Brazil), Patricia prioritized the development of furniture produced from recycled materials, benches made from plastic toothpaste tubes. The stores are able to turn garbage into raw materials and also promote reverse logistics for the consumer. Simple Organic is responsible for the recycling of used products. Patricia takes on the challenge of showing the Brazilian market that it is possible to replace synthetic, non-sustainable cosmetics, with thoughtful versions of these products; for this reason, she developed the largest mix of organic and vegan products in the national beauty market.