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Marina Spadafora

Design and Sustainability Consultant / Fair fashion ambassador

Marina Spadafora.png

Marina Spadafora gained a reputation worldwide for her own collection that featured sophisticated knitwear.Since then she has collaborated as senior design consultant with Prada, Miu Miu, Ferragamo and currently Marni.

Marina's work has always included a strong social and environmental focus,believing that ethics and aesthetics can coincide. 

Her motto is " Fashion with a mission".

Marina works to bring development to the emerging economies through Fair Fashion.

She is the Italian country coordinator for Fashion Revolution, a global movement that aims at raising consciousness among consumers about their buying habits and advocates for a more fair and ethical Fashion industry.

Marina has received the United Nations Women Together Award in 2015 in New York and has done a TEDx Talk on sustainable Fashion in 2014.

Marina is a currently consulting for luxury fashion brands and holds worldwide seminars and conferences on responsible Fashion.

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