Maria Júlia Yawanawá

Creator and coordinator of the Rautihu Project

Julia Yawanawa.png

Maria Júlia Yawanawá, 39, is the creator and coordinator of the Rautihu Project, an initiative of culture affirmation and income generation for women artisans of the Yawanawá people. She also leads projects for reforestation and planting of traditional crops and fruit trees, with the objective of promoting food security in her community.
Júlia is married, mother of 7 children and grandmother.
She studied Vernacular Letters in the Federal University of Acre. In classroom, she taught for 12 years. Today, she works as technical coordinator of indigenous school education in Rio Gregório Indigenous Land.
With her brothers, Julia created and coordinates projects relevant to the strengthening of Yawanawá culture, art and spirituality.
She coordinated relevant research and documentation project on the Yawanawá language, with indigenous elders and researchers and academy students, work supported by the Museu do Índio/Funai and UNESCO. In this work, she produced Tuĩ Kuru Anihãu Xinã, book with narratives told by her father, the great chief Raimundo Luís Tuinkuru Yawanawá, and a relevant record of his vast knowledge of medicinal plants.