Leader of the Racial Equality Committee of the Women of Brazil Group

Luana Génot does not want to wait 150 years for racial equality to happen. She is the founder and executive director of ID_BR - Instituto Identidades do Brasil, a non-profit institution that develops Yes to Racial Equality campaign, which in its three pillars: employability / consulting, education and events aims at changing cultures and engaging companies and society with racial issues and the increase of black leadership in the corporate world. She is a teacher, researcher of Ethno-racial Relations at CEFET-RJ and author of the book Racial Equality, which will be published by Pallas in May 2019. She has a post-graduate degree in Marketing and Communication at IED-Rio. Luana graduated in Advertising from PUC-Rio, was a Fellow of Sciences Without Borders / CAPES at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she specialized in research in the area of ​​race, ethnicity and media. AZ Mina is a content curator for events such as Conalife, organized by ABRH-SP, Rio 2C, Latin America's largest audiovisual event, and is a project consultant on race and ethnicity, gender equity, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship and empowerment of marginalized youth. Leader of the Racial Equality Committee of the Women of Brazil Group. She was an advertising and runway model.