Jackson Araújo

Communicologist and Creative Director, Trama Afetiva


Communicologist specialized in behavior analysis and fashion consumption trends, media and communication, Jackson Araújo is the creative director of the multicultural festival Trama Afetiva. It is a platform for converging and researching design studies on breakthrough innovations concerning the waste from textile industries. His platform is also an environment for exchange among thinkers, artists, activists, scientists, entrepreneurs, brands and civil society for the construction of an industry that wants to be inclusive, diverse, sustainable, creative, profitable, transparent and 100% committed to the environment. 

Jackson is a researcher and scholar of activities and expressions linked to the Affective Economics, a term he coined in 2014 to describe a new market perspective based on valuing and developing the collective, on behalf of innovatively and disruptively designed products. The creative director gives lectures, conducts workshops, and coordinates projects in the communication area. 

Jackson is co-author and editor of the books “Economia Afetiva: Aprendizado Para O Futuro” (2018), and “Economia Afetiva: Por Uma Nova Tecitura Social” (2019), which record all the lessons he learned in the creation of Trama Afetiva in the respective years.