Flávia Aranha

fashion designer

Flavia Aranha.png

Flavia Aranha, fashion designer, created the brand that bears her name ten years ago. On the racks of her store, in the Vila Madalena neighborhood, in São Paulo, clients find living clothes, created from natural raw materials such as cotton, silk and linen dyed from Brazilian plants and herbs. Concerned about socio-environmental issues and believing in the harmonious relationship between man and nature, Flávia insists on personally taking care of each stage of the production chain delivering collections which are desirable, and faithful to her own life philosophy.

She recently inaugurated a shed equipped with an industrial kitchen to expand her research around natural coloring, the brand’s backbone. Flavia Aranha was the first name in Brazilian fashion to be certified with the B label. In April 2009, Flavia made her debut at São Paulo Fashion Week with a show that stood out among the most important ones at the edition, widely reported in the news in the country according to specialized press.  

Besides her Vila Madalena store, the designer has two points of sales in Portugal, in the cities of Cascais  and Lisbon, both at Casa Pau Brasil.

A reference when it comes to sustainable fashion and circular fashion, the stylist has shown with each collection that it is possible to produce ethically and with responsibility, recognizing those that build the brand at their side. Flavia Aranha sums up the artisanal and technological, the slow and the timeless.