Estevão Ciavatta

 Director, screenwriter and producer


Estevão Ciavatta is a director, screenwriter and producer from Brazil graduated in Film and TV at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro. He is the founding partner of Pindorama Filmes and has done hundreds of television shows, including the award winning BRASIL LEGAL and CENTRAL DA PERIFERIA, both broadcasted on TV GLOBO - Brazil, as well as movies such as the award winning NELSON SARGENTO NO MORRO DA MANGUEIRA, a short-film about the brazilian musician Nelson Sargento, and PROGRAMA CASÉ, a doc about the first radio days in Brazil. In 2012, he created and directed the HBO series PREAMAR. In 2014, released his first feature film MADE IN CHINA (writer, producer and director). His last movie, Amazonia S.A. was launched in 2020