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Celina Hissa

Creative director and founder, Catarina Mina

Celina Hissa_photo.png

Celina Hissa is a Designer and Master in Communication, with research on collective modes of production in art. She develops works investigating effective and artisanal modes.

Since 2005, Celina has worked in the development of artisanal products with groups of artisans, and from 2008 to present, at Catarina Mina, the handbag brand she founded. Her company works with handicraft communities and stands out for its sustainable vision in the Fashion Market. They are the first brand with open costs in Brazil, relying on many hands to establish #umaconversasincera, a project that won the Vogue ECOERA award (2015) and the Brasil Design 3M (2016). She worked on the design of the FIA project {an artisans’ workshop} @fiaoficina and the Olê project (@olerendeiras) whose proposals are to reinvent the relationship between consumers and artisans.

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