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bel braga

Founder and CEO, ClosetBoBags

Bel Braga.png

Isabel is the founder and CEO of Closet BoBags, a leading tech-platform for the fashion recommerce community -- a closet in the cloud, serving a community of 150+ thousand people. 
Isabel enthusiastically believes in the power of the sharing economy, and pioneered the sharing of items through a technological platform in Brazil by initially sharing her own closet. She majored in marketing, has an MBA from IBMEC, and took specialization courses at FIT and Stanford. While living in the Silicon Valley for 1.5 years she was a member at Rocket Space and the Women Startup Lab. Also, Isabel has been selected for the Endeavor Scale Up Program for high-impact companies and for the Female Founders Collective, a project that was created by the designer Rebecca Minkoff.  

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