Alberto Candiani

Owner, Candiani Denim


Alberto Candiani is the personification of "blue blooded".  From his birth in 1982, Alberto was surrounded by the world of denim production, in fact he spent most of his childhood using his family's mill as his very own playground.  As he grew, Alberto was guided by his father Gianluigi and Grandfather Primo, who taught him the importance of denim heritage and respecting the environment that surrounds Candiani. At such a young age it was difficult for Alberto to grasp the enormity of what the Candiani family had set out to do since opening in 1938. In fact, he had a bit of a rebellious streak during his teenage years and decided to replace denim with turntables! Luckily, Alberto was quick to realize that being a DJ and producing music while fun, was not his destiny. In his 20's Alberto developed an interest for product development and fabric engineering which he still considers one of the best parts of his job.


Now, at 36 years young, Alberto has settled into his role as Candiani Denim's leader. Following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Alberto has mastered the art of crafting premium denim. He is committed to making Candiani the Greenest Mill in the Blue World, carrying on his family's legacy through sustainable innovation and his own vision for an industrial revolution.


Some of Alberto’s most recent accomplishments include the development of Candiani’s Re-Gen Denim, winner of the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award, and the opening of Candiani’s first Denim specialty store in Milan.